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James Bond is not only one of the best spies in the cinema: it is also an icon of style thanks to his clothes, gadgets and accessories created to face the most dangerous opponents without sacrificing elegance. In his rich wardrobe a special place is reserved for watches that are among the most sought-after models among collectors. Bond is synonymous with tailored suits and luxury cars like the legendary Aston Martin that has accompanied him in many of his films. A real spy takes care of the details because he knows how much they make the difference and in some cases they can even save his life. Therefore, James Bond never leaves the offices of the Secret Intelligence Service, also known as MI6, without going through the Q workshop and arming himself wearing some useful accessories both for his dangerous job and for the style that belongs to him. In the case of replica Rolex watches, they are authentic jewels consistent with the extreme care for their appearance and the idea of ​​showing enemies to whom they are dealing. Just like cars and clothes, even James Bond watches are worth remembering.

They are not only iconic models for which every collector would give his life to have one in his own case, but deadly tools of attack and defense. Thanks to Q's help, these chronometers turn into weapons that help the secret agent get away with the most tense, crazy and desperate situations. They are water resistant, because it can always happen to have to dive into the open sea to save someone or escape from the fire of an explosion, they have a radiation meter, an image transmission device and they hide an infinity of features that a spy could need during his missions.

The famous white tuxedo that Sean Connery wore in Agent 007 Mission Goldfinger, later recovered by Daniel Craig in 007 Specter, the famous Aston Martin DB5 and the incredible cocktails he ordered every time he had some free time, are now part of the culture popular. The real fans have gone beyond observing every little detail, starting with the Fake rolex watches that Bond has gradually put on his wrist during the missions. A watch is not just a decorative object and a scene. When it comes to James Bond they are authentic luxury models, true icons in the films that experts know how to recognize. In the 25 films in which this character is the protagonist, several models appear that can leave many connoisseurs speechless and the bank account in red.

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